Lisa Bagwell

Great Egret

2012. Plastic utensils that people don’t really need because they probably have flatware at home.

About the Project

Great Egret (2012). Constructed from single-use utensils, plastic straws, cigarette filter tips, chewed-up #2 pencils, and a variety of small plastic beach trash.

“Great Egret” has been on display for the Back to School exhibit at Gallery U in Red Bank, NJ in 2012 and was part of the Clean Water Action Art Show and open house in the spring of 2013. 

“Great Egret” won a prize for the most innovative use of materials at the juried exhibition, “Recycle: 2018” at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition in Brooklyn, NY. 

Visitor's Quote

Bring your own utensils to the beach. Then bring them home and wash them. It's not hard. Or maybe get sandwiches instead. And quit smoking.

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