Lisa Bagwell

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assemblage artist   |   conservationist   |   badass urban farmer

assemblage artist
badass urban farmer

I’ve been working with found objects since 2007. I work mainly with plastics by gluing and wiring individual pieces together to build sculptures of animals, people, and food. A majority of the plastic I use comes from local New Jersey beaches, but my family and friends have donated an awful lot.

When a piece is finished, finding placement for it is a great challenge. Many sculptures that are suitable for the outdoors are on display at local gardens where I work. Otherwise, they are stored in my apartment, my mom’s garage, or a dark basement with the cave crickets, awaiting the next show.

There are a number of my pieces on display at various businesses in Red Bank, Asbury Park, Belmar, and other New Jersey towns. 

Though it’s a losing battle, I still do my best to produce as little waste as possible and clean up beach trash with my family at least weekly. I love Reverend Billy.

When I’m not cleaning up the beach or gluing bits of trash together, I manage a local urban farm that grows food for the local community and provides jobs, training, and volunteer opportunities for its residents.


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